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Record Number of Baruch College Students Receive Gilman International Scholarships

11 undergraduates to study in seven different countries for the spring 2020 semester

A record number of Baruch College undergraduates are recipients of Gilman International Scholarships and will be heading overseas to study abroad during the spring 2020 semester.

Eleven students—studying a range of different majors and coming from the Marxe School of Public and International Affairs, Weissman School of Arts and Sciences, and the Zicklin School of Business— will travel to seven countries from Thailand, to Spain, to Cuba.

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, enables U.S. students to “gain proficiency in diverse languages and cultures” in foreign countries and better “prepare them to thrive in the global economy.”

Meet a few of the spring 2020 Gilman scholars: 

Kerissa Lashley (’21) Thailand, Digital Marketing Major, Minor in Photography

Kerissa Lashley, Gilman International Scholarship recipient

“I look forward to connecting with the locals, learning the language, and wholly embracing the Thai culture. As a first generation college student who has not had the opportunity to travel much before, this experience will be one of a kind and I cannot wait to see what the adventure holds. As a digital marketing major, I believe it is important to get international experience to be more open-minded and to gain adaptability skills. The Gilman Award allows me to gain valuable experiences that apply to my career goals, in terms of analyzing marketing trends abroad through in-class and real-life exposure, practicing my photography, and networking with Thai students in the marketing field.”

Yina Torres (’21) Spain, Macaulay Honors student, Finance Major, Minor in Sociology

Yina Torres, Gilman International Scholarship recipient

“I am excited to study abroad and experience a new culture and improve my Spanish speaking skills. In the future, I would like to integrate my ability to speak Spanish within my job and taking some of my finance classes in Spanish will definitely help me with this endeavor. The Gilman program is an opportunity to grow as a person and become much more independent and I will be sure to take all the knowledge and skills I gain to my summer internship.” 


Mary Naughton (’21) Ireland, Marketing Management Major, Minor in Law and Policy

Mary Naughton, Gilman International Scholarship recipient

“While studying abroad, I am looking forward for the opportunity to learn business practices,history, and culture in the land of saints and scholars, as Galway, Ireland was selected as one of the European Capital of Culture cities for 2020. The Gilman Scholarship gives me the ability to study in Galway at a particular moment when all eyes are on Galway. This study abroad semester is a chance to form great connections and have unique learning experiences in the midst of an event that is essentially the marketing of an entire city and its culture.”

Marie Traore (’21) Belgium, Macaulay Honors Student, Political Science/Philosophy Majors

Marie Traore, Gilman International Scholarship recipient

“I am looking forward to ingraining myself in the real-time human relations and contemporary culture mixtures so that I can think critically and differently from my own perceived experiences and mostly American worldview. The Gilman Scholarship allows me to begin my travels, which is essential for the jobs I am pursuing looking to become an American Ambassador to another nation or a    United Nations diplomat. I think interacting with different societies allows me to become a well-rounded global citizen so I can efficiently create policies in favor of the people who need them when I am allowed the opportunity to do so.”

Makinoon Sami (’21) Germany, Data Analytics Major

Makinoon Sami, Gilman International Scholarship recipient

“The opportunity to live on my own and understand German culture from a student’s perspective is what I am most looking forward. I am interested in exploring careers in international relations and my program in Germany will allow me to interact with professionals and learn within the classroom about the European Union. I look forward to utilizing Gilman resources, such as events and webinars, for professional development and Gilman aid to pay for necessary program costs.”

  Alessandra Cappa (’21) Spain, Digital Marketing Major, Communications Minor

Alessandra Cappa, Gilman International Scholarship recipient

“I am most looking forward to expanding my knowledge of the Spanish language and traveling to nearby cities. My future career goal is to become a buyer for a major retailer. The knowledge and experience I will acquire from studying in Spain will help make me a stronger candidate for positions after graduation.”


Carolyn Seminario (’21) Spain, Finance/Investments Major, Communication Studies Minor

Carolyn Seminario, Gilman International Scholarship recipient

 “I’m looking forward to learning about the Spanish culture and taking part of a new learning environment and education system. It will be a huge learning experience in my life. Upon graduation, I plan to start a career consulting on an international level. With the help of the Gilman Award, I will be able to discover and immerse myself into a different culture and see various aspects of the world that will be beneficial when dealing with international clients or team members.”

Additional Gilman Scholarship winners and the countries where they are studying abroad: 

Kimberly Kazdal (’21): Cuba during the winter term

Sara Meza (’21): France

Ifueko Omoregbee (summer ’20):  Spain

Jasmin Vidal Ventura (’21): Spain

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(Story published on 1/21/20)

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