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Assessment at Baruch

Co-Curricular Assessmenttitle

In addition to assessments currently being undertaken in Baruch's three schools, other co-curricular programs are conducting assessments as well.

Student Academic Consulting Center - Math Tutoring

The purpose of this project was to assess the effectiveness of developmental math instruction offered by the Student Academic Consulting Center (SACC) and to identify specific program aspects that contribute to positive student outcomes. Using results from surveys and student focus groups, data will be used to provide information to shape future programming. Specifically, this assessment sought to answer the following questions:

  • What influence does SACC have on students’ math skills?
  • What factors in courses do students believe to be most beneficial?
  • Do students who go to SACC differ in their math skills from their peers who do not?

Tools for Clear Speech - Oral Communication Video Assessment

The Tools for Clear Speech Oral Communication Video Assessment studies ELL and nonnative English speaking students' improvements in English language pronunciation, speech clarity, and socio-pragmatic ability. Through several semi-controlled, real world tasks designed and developed by our Professional Speech Consultants, students are scored using a 'Speaking Ability' rubric, and those scores and further holistic comments are made available to them via VOCAT, an online assessment reporting tool developed by the Baruch College Center for Teaching and Learning. The OCVA seeks to provide the following:

  •  Objective assessment and detailed feedback of students' communicative challenges, as well as diagnostic starting points for further study.
  • A portfolio of individual students' progress while enrolled at the College.
  • Assessment of the validity of TfCS program services, which include one-to-one tutorials, workshops, conversation groups, and interactive software.