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Assessment at Baruch

Nationally-normed surveys

Baruch College participates in the following nationally-normed surveys as part of its overall assessment portfolio.


  • National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)
    Baruch College has participated in the NSSE (affectionately known as “nessie”) since the fall of 2003. It was part of the College’s Strategic Plan 2006-2011.

  • Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (BCSSE)
    Inaugurated in summer of 2007 as a companion to “nessie,” the “bessie” measures entering first-year students’ pre-college academic and co-curricular experiences, as well as their interest in and expectations for participating in educationally purposeful activities during college. Used in combination with NSSE results, BCSSE data can help Baruch College control for the educational engagement patterns of our students prior to enrolling as well as help assess the impact of student programs and services on the first year experience of our undergraduates.

  • Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA)
    The Collegiate Learning Assessment is a national program for colleges to assess their efforts to develop the critical thinking, analytical reasoning, writing, and problem-solving skills of their students. Baruch College CLA Report

  • Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE)
    The FSSE was designed to complement the NSSE, focusing on faculty members rather than students.