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Known Issues with CUNYfirst

Upon the launch of CUNYfirst, students, faculty and staff have noticed minor issues with the online system. Together with CUNY's Central Information Services team, BCTC has identified the following issues and are working towards having the following items resolved:

#1 - Students are unable to see and/or pay their bill in the Student Center.

UPDATE (7/24) - CUNY has implemented a fix that should now allow you to see a drop down selection where you can choose Baruch College to view your bill. Please see the example below:

bill example


UPDATE (8/15) - If you are still experiencing issues in viewing your bill, please make sure you take as many screenshots of your STUDENT CENTER (log into CUNYfirst, click on HR/Campus Solutions, then Self-Service and then Student Center) displaying the problem as you can and contact the BCTC Help Desk for support.

-Once logged in, students have mentioned they are unable to see the balance of their bill when they visit the Student Center in HR/Campus Solutions. They have courses they have added for the current or upcoming semesters and when they attempt to see their balance they are told "There are no outstanding charges at this time."

There is an issue with students who have multiple CUNY affiliations that is causing this. CUNY CIS has been notified and is working on a fix. In the interim, students can visit the Bursar's office for their bill balance and assistance in paying their balance using a check, money order or cash.

#2 - Students in 7 week courses are being billed an Academic Excellence fee twice.

The Bursar's office is aware of this issue and working with CUNY Central on fixing the problem as soon as possible. Please visit the Bursar's office and pay your bill minus the Academic Excellence fee until the issue is fixed.

#3 - Some students in an independent study course are having their tuition calculated incorrectly.

The Bursar's office is aware of this issue and working with CUNY Central on fixing the problem as soon as possible.

#4 - New incoming faculty are unable to claim and use their CUNYfirst & CUNY Portal accounts. (Added 7/31)

UPDATE (8/12) - Most new incoming faculty who have had their information entered in by Human Resources have also been associated with the course they are teaching in CUNYfirst. Please try to reclaim your account.

-Faculty members who will begin teaching in the Fall may not have access to claim their CUNYfirst and CUNY Portal accounts prior to August 28th. This is related to your information being entered in by Human Resources after receiving it from the department you work for. Once your information has been entered into the system, you will need to be associated with a class in the official Schedule of Classes by the Registar's office. HR and the Registar's office are working closely to minimize the time needed to have this information entered.

Once your information has been entered and you are associated with a class, you will have access to CUNYfirst and subsequently, access to CUNY Portal.

#5 - Unable to log in and use CUNYfirst & CUNY Portal in the same browser at the same time.

-Users have reported they are being logged out of CUNYfirst if they attempt to use one browser to view content from CUNYfirst and CUNY Portal. A user will login to CUNYfirst successfully and if they visit the CUNY Portal Sign In Page ( they are immediately kicked out of their CUNYfirst authenticated session.

WORKAROUND - Use two different browsers when visiting each of these sites if you need to login and view content. We understand many of our users utilize CUNYfirst while accessing items such as Blackboard from CUNY Portal and are asking a fix for this to be implemented.

#6 - Unable to view public Schedule of Classes when logged into CUNYfirst.

-Users have reported they are unable to view the public Schedule of Classes found on CUNY and Baruch's site when logged into CUNYfirst. The link in question is the following:

If you are attempting to view this link while logged into CUNYfirst, you will receive a message stating you are not authorized to view this page.

WORKAROUND - Once logged into CUNYfirst, one way to view the schedule of classes would be to go to HR/Campus Solutions -> Self Service -> Class Search/Browse Catalog ->Class Search after you have logged in and search for classes.

Another solution would be to open a second browser and use one web browser for logging into CUNYfirst and the other for viewing the Schedule of Classes link listed above. While not ideal, this is another fix being asked to implemented.


As recommended on the CUNYfirst FAQ's Site, users on a Windows desktop operating system would be able to use Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer to workaround these issues. Users on a Macintosh OS would need to use Mozilla Firefox for CUNYfirst and Safari for CUNY Portal.

This page will be updated with other issues as they become known.