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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

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Blackboard Status/Alerts

  • Instructors: Make Your Course Available
    Instructions on how to make your course available can be found by clicking the link below:

    How to Make a Course Available on Blackboard

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  • Adding Teaching Assistants or Observers to Blackboard
    The first thing you will need is the EMPL ID (also known as the CUNY First ID) of the individual you want to add to your course on Blackboard. Once you have that, it is a quick process! Click the link below for instructions on how someone can find their EMPL ID on Blackboard:

    How to Find Your EMPL ID on Blackboard

    The instructions on how to add a user to Blackboard can be found here:

    How to Add TA's, Faculty, or Students to Blackboard
    Updated 08/27/2019

  • Use Firefox for Blackboard
    It is strongly recommended that students, faculty, and staff use the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser when working with Blackboard in any capacity.

    There is a known issue with Safari affecting students and faculty. Users get an error message when submitting assignments or uploading course material to Blackboard.  This only occurs with Safari on Mac. To avoid this error, please use the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser.

    Updated 07/13/2019

  • Blackboard - Course Size Limits
    The default data limit for course materials on Blackboard is 750MB per course. This can be upgraded to 1.5GB and 3GB upon approval. To apply for a course data limit increase, please complete this form:

    Blackboard Course Size Increase Request Form

    Then open a ticket for the Instructional Technology team by calling the Helpdesk at 646-312-1010.  Please provide them the completed form.

    In order to manage Blackboard course size efficiently, the CUNY Central Blackboard Steering Committee has implemented a course size limit policy. Click the following link for more information:
    Updated 08/22/2019

If you need immediate assistance, please contact the Baruch Helpdesk at 646.312.1010 (x1010).