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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

Blackboard Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is an online course management system which provides access to course materials, assignments and class discussions. Increasingly, class lectures are made available in video format for review and further study.

How do I login to Blackboard?

Log in to Blackboard using your CUNY First username and password through either of the links below:

- Via CUNY's website: (LOGIN button along the top of the page)

- Via Baruch College's website: (LOGIN button on the right of the page)

How do I change my email address in Blackboard?

Students can only use their addresses on Blackboard. To update your email address on Blackboard, please follow the instructions at the link below:

How to Update Your E-Mail Address on Blackboard

I am registered for classes but the courses do not appear under "My Courses."

Your problem is likely due to one of the following:

1. It may take as much as 72 hours for the Blackboard system to be updated from the registration information. If you recently registered in a course, please allow for the 72 hour period to end before contacting the BCTC Helpdesk.

2. Your instructor has not set the course as "available" to students. Not all Baruch faculty members utilize Blackboard for their courses. Those faculty members who choose not to use Blackboard will not set their courses as "available," and thus these courses will not appear on your course lists. If you are unsure whether or not your professor is using Blackboard, please inquire with that professor. If you are told by the professor that Blackboard is being used and the course is "available," please contact the Computing and Technology Help Desk for assistance.

How do I check if a course is on Blackboard or not? How do I preview a course?

On the Blackboard Home tab, look for the "Course Search" box on the left of your screen.

In the search box, type in the Course Number (e.g. CIS 9000).

Be sure to put a space between the course and the number.

Click the "GO" button.

All the CIS 9000 courses will be listed on the screen. The names of courses that can be previewed will be clickable.

I am sure that my course is on Blackboard. I still cannot log on. What should I do?

Occasionally, some students may not appear on Blackboard, although their faculty have created course sites. If you cannot access your course and it has been more than 48 hours since you registered for the course on CUNY First, please contact the Computing and Technology Help Desk and ask to speak with a Blackboard admin.

Can I still retrieve the course documents without having to log on?

Depending upon your teacher's course settings, you can read and retrieve the course announcements, course information, staff information, course documents, and course assignments by using the "Course Search" box on the Home tab of Blackboard, and then clicking on the links for the courses that can be previewed.

Can I access Blackboard from home or work?

Yes, Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser when accessing Blackboard. Please be sure to use the latest versions of this software. Click here for Software Downloads to facilitate the use of our site.