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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)


Blackboard Instructional Series

Click on the Video or PDF links to the right of the topics below to access BCTC's Instructional Series of tutorials for faculty.

  • Adding an Item  [Video] [PDF]
  • Announcements  [Video] [PDF]
  • Course Copy  [Video] [PDF]                                        
  • Making a Course Available [Video] [PDF]
  • Sending E-Mail to Students  [Video] [PDF]
  • Update Your E-Mail Address [PDF]
  • Viewing Course Roster [Video] [PDF]

  • Assignments - Part 1  [Video] [PDF]
  • Assignments - Part 2  [Video]
  • Grading Assignments [PDF]
  • Creating Groups [PDF]
  • Group Assignments [PDF]
  • Using the Grade Center [Video]
  • Weighting Grades with the Grade Center [PDF]
  • Using the Section Merge Tool - Part 1  [Video] [PDF]
  • Using the Section Merge Tool - Part 2  [Video
  • Student View of Exams on Blackboard & Best Practices [PDF]
  • Test Availability Exceptions Explained [PDF]
  • How to View Student Exam Submissions [PDF]
  • Posting Lecture Recordings with Kaltura Capture [PDF]
  • Taking Attendance [PDF]
  • Record Video & Audio for Assignment Feedback [PDF]

Blackboard User Guides

The PDFs and web-based user guides below cover additional useful topics for faculty.

       • Starting the Semester with Blackboard [Web]

       • Changing Your Email Address in Blackboard [PDF - 1 page]

       • Copying Course Materials [Web]

       • How to Create Content Folders [PDF - 4 pages]

       • How Add or Edit Course Menu Links [PDF - 5 pages]

       • Adding an Instructor/TA to your Course [PDF - 4 pages]

       • Adding an Item (e.g., Syllabus) [PDF - 3 pages]

       • Creating an Assignment [PDF - 4 pages]

       • Inline Grading for Assignments [Web]

       • Creating Discussions [Web]

       • How Students Can View Instructor Feedback on Blackboard [PDF - 4 pages]

       • How to Use Random Blocks of Questions on Blackboard Exams [PDF - 10 pages]

 For even more user guides and videos follow the link below, and click on
"Blackboard Enhanced":

       CUNY Blackboard User Guide