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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

Security Awareness Program

Baruch College is committed to educating students, faculty, and staff about the importance of information security.  The security awareness prorgam at Baruch includes the major activities listed below. 

For more information and resources see the CUNY Information Security web site.

1. Training - All members of the Baruch community are encouraged to take a 30 minute online Security Awareness Training workshop.  We have prepared a brief overview of key points of the CUNY Security Policies.

2.  Orientation - As part of the Baruch student orientation freshmen and transfer students receive a session from the BCTC staff that includes basic security tips.

3. Daily Reminders - When faculty and staff log into their e-mail accounts they will see a rotating series of daily messages reminding users of security policies.  For example, "Use of peer-to-peer file sharing software such as Bittorrent on campus is prohibited".

4.  Consulting - The BCTC is scheduling meetings with departments to offer guidance on how to incorporate information security practices in daily work routines.

5.  Data Encryption - The BCTC is working with departments to increase the use of file encyption.  We have identified the priority users and are reaching out to those units.

6.  Posters - Around campus you will see posters that promote simple practices that can have a great impact on improving security, such as the "Lock it when you leave it" poster in the sidebar of this page.

7. News - BCTC is using the e-mail announcements distributed by the Office of Communications & Marketing to share the CUNY Cybersecurity Newsletter, security advisories, and other news.