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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

Smart Classrooms

Many of the classrooms on campus are electronic or “smart” classrooms that have built-in multimedia equipment – Projector (ceiling mounted), Computer, Document Camera, DVD player and more. You do not need to order equipment in advance if the technology you need is already in the classroom.  To find out if a classroom has the equipment you need, first select a campus location from the right hand side bar, then locate the classroom number from within that list.

Documentation and User Guides

User Guide for Smart Classrooms with "Touch Screen Lectern"

User Guide for VC 3-150 & 5-150 Lecture Halls

User Guide for Smart Classrooms with" Push-Button Panel"

17 Lexington Ave "TV Cart" Documentation

PC Logon Instructions

General Tips and Policies


Baruch Wireless Network Info

Wireless Network Information

Wireless Network Coverage Areas

Wireless for Faculty/Staff (Login Process)

Wireless for Students (Login Process)

Wireless for Guests (Login Process)


Campus Locations

151 East 25th St. - Library/IT Building

55 Lexington Ave - Vertical Campus

17 Lexington Ave - Field Building

135 East 22nd St. - Administrative Building

137 East 22nd St. - Newman Hall


While there are different types of “smart” classrooms, below is some of the equipment you will find. For more details on specific features and instructions on using the equipment, please refer to individual rooms (accessed via building links above).


LCD Projector – usually mounted from the ceiling, the projector displays the images from computer and video equipment so that your whole class can see them.

PC – the computer has the basic Microsoft Office suite (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Access) as well as Internet connectivity through Baruch’s high-speed network. You can also use the PC to play audio CDs and DVDs.

DVD/BluRay Player --  same as a home DVD/BluRay player, the unit will allow you to play DVD and BluRay discs.

VCR – just like a home VCR, allows you to play videotapes.

Document Camera – The document camera can be used instead of an overhead projector, but allows you to show much more than just transparencies – any solid object will work. You can show a page from a book, a plant specimen, or a piece of equipment.

Sound System – in some of the smaller rooms, there are speakers for the VCR and PC audio. Many larger rooms also feature fixed and wireless microphones so the entire class can easily hear you.

The Media Resources staff regularly checks over the equipment to make sure it works when you need it and technicians are available via the Computing and Technology Help Desk whenever you have questions or problems. Most Help Desk requests can be resolved within a few minutes.