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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

Baruch College Campus Wireless Network

Baruch College provides access to its wireless network to Baruch College faculty, staff, and currently-enrolled Baruch College students.  The CUNY Computer Users Responsibilities policy applies to users of the wireless network.

Baruch College offers wireless connectivity for use with mobile devices and is widely available across most of the campus. To access the wireless network, login authentication is used to verify affiliation with the college. Simply enable wireless on your mobile device and connect to the "Baruch" SSID.

As of October, 2017:  All Baruch faculty, staff and students should use the Baruch wireless network to connect to wireless.  Your system will require you to use your Baruch username and password to access the network.  Baruch uses WPA2-Enterprise authentication and encryption to protect your connection.  Instructions for connecting your Windows or MacOS device will be available shortly.

Wifi Guide for Android Users

Wifi Guide for iOS Users

As of October 10th, all Baruch faculty.staff and students will use the



Guest Events: Only if requested, guests of events should connect to Baruch-Events. Once connected to Baruch-Events you will be required to open a browser amd enter in the guest access code for your event. 

Guest Users:  Individual guest users will be provided a guest account and will use the Baruch network to log in as above.