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Office of Sponsored Programs and Research.

Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (SPAR)

National Institutes of Health Small Grants Program (R03) Page Title

Program Deadline: Refer to the appropriate institute.

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The NIH has standardized the Small Grant (R03) application characteristics, requirements, preparation and review procedures in order to accommodate investigator-initiated (unsolicited) applications.The common characteristic of the small grant is the provision of limited funding for a short period of time. Examples of the types of projects that ICs support with the R03 include the following:

  • Pilot or feasibility studies
  • Secondary analysis of existing data
  • Small, self-contained research projects
  • Development of research methodology
  • Development of new research technology

If you intend to apply, please contact Dominic Esposito or Melisa Mendez.


Baruch Small Grants Award Recipients

Ted Joyce,  Economics and Finance Department, Calendar Year 2010


Last updated: 11/19/2015