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Office of Sponsored Programs and Research.

Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (SPAR)

Faculty Early Career Development Program
National Science Foundation (CAREER) Page Title


  • 5 year duration
  • Minimum Total Award Amount $400,000

If you an untenured faculty member and hold an Assistant Professor (or equivalent title) position, consider applying to this program! This is a great opportunity for eligible faculty to obtain funding for their research and publications projects!

New deadlines expected in July 2008.

Program Objectives

  1. Strongly encourage new faculty, emphasizing planning of an integrated academic career.
  2. Develop faculty who are both highly productive researchers and dedicated, effective educators.
  3. Form partnerships with college or university to encourage balanced career development of individual faculty.
  4. Increased participation of those traditionally underrepresented in technical disciplines.

CAREER Development Plan should include:

  • The objectives and significance of the proposed integrated research and education activities,
  • The relation of the research to the current state of knowledge in the field of the education activities to the current state of knowledge on effective teaching and learning in one's field of study,
  • An outline of the plan of work, describing the methods and procedures to be used, including evaluation of the education activities,
  • The relation of the plan to the Princiapl Investigator's (Faculty memebr's) career goals and job responsibilities and the goals of his/her institution, and
  • A summary of prior research and education accomplishments

To apply please contact Melisa Mendez at (646) 312-2207 to begin the application process.

Last updated 10/07/2011