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Office of Sponsored Programs and Research.

Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (SPAR)

Research Foundation Employee Benefits Page Title

Pre-Tax Benefits for Full-Time Status Employees

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Pre-tax fringe benefits

(must be renewed every year)

Medical Expenses

  • The funds will be deducted before taxes and an account will be set up to store the funds
  • Must project out of pocket medical expenses that the employee expects to spend (i.e., doctor visits, prescriptions)
  • By December 31 st , all unused money will be lost

Dependent Care/Child Care Expenses

  • $5,000 maximum deduction plan per year
  • Submit invoices to the plan to get reimbursed

Transportation Expenses

  • For public transportation/parking only
  • Submit receipts per month
  • Can change amount deducted on a monthly basis
  • Funds deducted rolls over to the next year

To activitate any or all of these benefits, you must make your elections on-line in the "My Payroll and Benefits" ( RFCUNY LoginRequired) Section of your RFCUNY Employee account. If you have any questions, contact Cecilia Paxtot at 212-417-8632 (Benefits Rep. for Baruch College).

Last Updated: 07/30/2017