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Office of Sponsored Programs and Research.

Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (SPAR)

Reassigned Time Procedures for Grants Administered at the Research Foundation Page Title

If you are a faculty member of Baruch College and have reassigned time budgeted in your grant award you must follow the instructions below.

Procedures on How To Charge Your Grant Award 

1. Notify the SPAR Office before your course reassignment takes effect.

2. Complete a RF CUNY Staff Effort Notice:

  • Principal Investigator's name
  • RF account number/project number of the grant
  • The name of the faculty member whose time is being claimed
  • The salary charged to the grant (this information would be in the grant award budget)
  • The semester (Fall: 9/1-1/15 or Spring: 1/16-5/31) that the course reassignment will be taken.
  • The percentage of Effort should be 14.3% for each course reassigned.
  • List the faculty member's name and annual salary for the calendar year (January 1 to December 31)
  • Show the computation of the staff effort allocated to the grant:

(Annual Salary /
Months Worked in a Year)

Time Period of Reassigned Time Charge + Cost Share Amount
X % Effort X =

Example: If one course is reassigned

($74,133/9)*(1 Course  ×14.3%)*4.5months=$5,300.50

 Example: If four courses are reassigned

($74,133/9) x (4 courses x 14.3%) x 9 months = $42,404.08

3. Submit the Staff Effort Notice to the SPAR Office for signature.

4. Upon receipt, the SPAR Office will send the form to Victor Sekelsky at the Research Foundation to charge the reassigned time cost to your award.

Procedures on How to Complete the RF's
Personnel Activity Report (PAR)

After you have taken your course reassignment, you will receive a PAR form from the SPAR Office to complete to account for your time during the academic year. When you receive the form, please do the following:

1. Indicate your department and last four digits of your social security number

2. Indicate your percentages of time spent on activities (e.g., 14.3% to research project and 85.7% instruction, etc.) to total 100% total time.

3. Sign and date the form then return it to the SPAR Office for submission to the Research Foundation.

Last Updated on 08/13/2018