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Office of Sponsored Programs and Research.

Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (SPAR)

Using SPINPlus Page Title

What is SPINPlus and SMART/GENIUS?

SPINPlus is a web-based system that includes a database of funding opportunities, a database of investigator profiles, and a matching alert service. SPINPlus includes three product modules: SPIN, SMARTS, and GENIUS.

SPIN (Sponsored Programs Information Network) is a funding opportunities database designed to provide up-to-date information on current national and international government and private funding sources. All of the data in SPIN is obtained directly from the sponsoring agencies to ensure the integrity of the information.

GENIUS (Global Expertise Network for Industry, University, and Scholars) is a global WWW network and database of scientific and scholarly expertise. The system contains profiles entered and maintained by scholars and researchers at leading universities and research institutions throughout the world. GENIUS serves as a registry of institutional talent and expertise to be used by industry and academia and provides a searchable resource for identifying interest and expertise for industry/university partnering, global partnering, and sponsored funding matches.

SMARTS (SPIN Matching And Research Transmittal Service) is an electronic matching and funding opportunity notification system which provides investigators with a direct and targeted electronic link to comprehensive, current, and available national and international research funding information. The investigator profile information is collected via forms in GENIUS and used for matching with the SPIN database. Matching is conducted on a daily basis and programs are automatically emailed to individual researchers.

SMARTS Set-up Instructions

  • Go to the InfoEd SMARTS/SPIN website to do a search for grants

  • Go to the InfoEd website to set up your profile
  • Click on "Create a New Profile"

  • Enter your user information in the "Required for GENIUS/SMARTS--General" section (including the number of SMARTS email messages that you wish to receive on a daily or weekly basis)

  • Enter your keywords for the SMART module

  • Enter your other search criteria in the "Used in SMARTS matching" section
  • SMARTS will search the SPIN database nightly for funding programs that match the keywords or interest areas indicated in your GENIUS profile.

  • SMARTS will e-mail you a brief description of the programs in your area with upcoming deadlines.

GENIUS Set-up Instructions (Optional)

  • Go to the InfoEd SMARTS/GENIUS website and log in.
  • Go to "GENIUS categories" section to create your profile , indicating your area of interest and expertise. You maintain control of your profile at all times.

Last updated: 07/30/2017