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Office of Sponsored Programs and Research.

Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (SPAR)

Eugene M. Lang Junior Faculty Research Fellowships Page Title

The College expresses its appreciation to Mr. Eugene M. Lang for his many years of generous support for promising young scholars on the faculty.

** Deadline: February 19, 2019 **


All currently untenured full-time, tenure-track faculty members at Baruch below the rank of Associate Professor with two or more consecutive years of full-time teaching service at Baruch are eligible for a Lang Fellowship. Eligible Baruch faculty members may submit one project for consideration for a Lang Fellowship per year. Previous recipients of Lang Fellowships are eligible for another fellowship if at least one academic year has passed since the receipt of the previous fellowship and the work on the previous fellowship project has been published or formally accepted for publication, or its equivalent as described below.

Eligible projects include scholarly research, creative projects, and other types of projects that represent significant contributions to the applicant's discipline. These projects must meet the standards of professional and academic achievement recognized by the tenure and promotion guidelines set forth by CUNY.

In addition to scholarly research and publication, examples of eligible projects include professional-level (a) writing and publication of creative/journalistic works, (b) creation and performance/exhibition of works of the fine arts or music, (c) writing and production of works of theater, (d) creation and implementation of public initiatives that serve the social good and are specifically relevant to the applicant's academic disciplines.

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Description of Awards

Lang Fellowships award amounts will be between $3,500 and $8,000. It is estimated that between four to six Lang Fellowships will be awarded for the 2018-2019 academic year.

How to Apply

Applicants should follow all submission requirements. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applicants are encouraged to use the bold text below as section headers in their application to aid in the review process. Please remember to use language that is accessible and intelligible to scholars from other disciplines. Each applicant is required to submit:

  1. A one page Abstract or Executive Summary of the project.
  2. A Proposal Narrative of not more than seven (7) pages double spaced that shall include the following information:
    • Project Description: This section of the proposal should clearly and concisely define the research question or creative project. Where necessary, the project should be placed in the context of previous literature. This section of the proposal should address the significance of the proposed project and explain the expected outcome of the project (for example: academic journal article, production of a play).
    • Project Design: This section of the proposal should explain and justify the design of the project and the methods of analysis and implementation.
    • Project Timetable: Fellowship projects should be completed by the end of the academic year of the grant and the project timetable should reflect this goal. A suggested format for this section of the proposal is to divide activities or tasks into Summer, Fall Semester, and Spring Semester.
    • References: This section is part of the seven (7) page narrative and may be single spaced.
  3. A Project Budget: The proposal must include an itemized budget covering all anticipated costs of carrying out the project and should include a brief justification of each item.
  4. A Listing of other funding sources: Proposals must include a summary of all other proposals for external funding that the applicant has been awarded and/or submitted that are under review, including funding source, project title and amount awarded or requested.  If the applicant has no proposals awarded and/or pending it should be so stated.
  5. A Curriculum Vitae in CUNY format that should includesources of other funding.
  6. Applicants must provide teaching evaluations for all courses taught for the past four semesters (Fall and Spring 2016; Fall and Spring 2017). For faculty members whose first semester was Fall 2015, please include evaluations for the following semesters: Fall 2016, Spring 2017 and Fall 2017.

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Fellowships may cover such costs as:

  • Reassigned time, a fixed amount of $5,000 for three credits of course reassignment may be requested per application ($5,000 = $3,311.00 salary + $1,689.00 fringe benefits);
  • Research start-up, including equipment and travel;
  • Research assistance, with particular consideration given to research assistance by a student; and
  • Manuscript preparation costs and submission fees.

Please use the Budget Template Spreadsheet.

Note: Summer salary is not an allowable cost.

Evaluation Criteria

The following criteria are considered in evaluating proposals:

  • The quality of the proposed project in terms of its originality and clarity, the significance of its objectives, and prospects for achieving them.
  • The applicant's prior experience in undertaking and completing such projects.
  • The applicant's abilities as a teacher and previous and prospective contributions to his/her discipline.

Note: Applicants should be cognizant of the fact that the committee that reviews your fellowship application will be made up of scholars from a broad range of disciplines. The language used in the application should be accessible and intelligible to scholars from disciplines other than your own.

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Application Deadline and Selection Schedule

  • Project proposals must be submitted on or before February 19, 2019.
  • Fellowship decisions will be announced on or before June 1..
  • Funding will be available for the following academic year, beginning June 1.

Post-Award Administration

New awardees are announced and notified in May.  All awardees will receive detailed instructions on how to use their awarded funds from Tara Smith, Faculty Liaison for Post-Award Administration in the Office of Sponsored Programs & Research.  The forms that grant recipients must use to expend their funds are:

  • RF e-Payment system (electronic system)
  • RF Small Order Form (RF-201) (available for pick-up at SPAR)
  • RF Purchase Requisition Form (RF-208)
  • RF Travel Advance Request (RF-040)
  • RF Travel Expense Voucher and Request for Payment

These forms are available online at The Research Foundation of CUNY.

All inquires about how to use your Lang funds, must be directed to Zolicia Abotsi, Interim Director (646-312-2211) or Tara Smith Faculty Liaison for Post Award (646-312-2204).


Post-Program Evaluation

Fellowship awardees are required to complete post-award evaluations. Please contact Mary Tufts with any questions you may have regarding the reporting process.

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Recent Awardees



  • Stephanie Hershinow, English, WSAS
  • Seil Kim, Accounting, WSAS
  • Tiffany Lewis, MSPIA
  • Kamiar Rahnama Rad , Computer Information Systems, ZBS
  • Brooke Schreiber, English, WSAS
  • Steven Swarbrick, English, WSAS
  • Logan Watts, Psychology, WSAS
  • Orrette Wauchope, Natural Sciences, WSAS
  • Dexin Zhou, Economic & Finance, ZBS



  • Debra Caplan, Fine & Performing Arts, WSAS
  • Krista Dobi, Natural Sciences, WSAS
  • Matthew Eatough, English, WSAS
  • Tatiana Emmanouil, Psychology, WSAS
  • Maria A. Halbinger, Management, ZBS
  • Mark Rice, History, WSAS
  • Rianne K Subijanto, Communication Studies, WSAS
  • Albert Zevelev, Real Estate, ZBS



  • Abby Anderton, Music, WSAS
  • Erin Eatough, Psychology, WSAS
  • Jonathan Gilmore, Philosophy, WSAS
  • Stephen Gosnell, Natural Sciences, WSAS
  • Max Kramer, Modern Languages & Comparative Literature, WSAS
  • Nicholas Sibrava, Pschology, WSAS
  • Andrew Sloin, History, WSAS
  • Till Weber, Political Science,WSAS



  • Allison Hahn, Communication Studies, WSAS
  • Louis-Pierre Arguin, Mathematics, WSAS
  • Pablo Peixoto, Natural Sciences, WSAS
  • Laura Kolb, English, WSAS
  • Chamna Yoon, Real Estate, ZSB
  • Ivan Matic, Mathematics, WSAS
  • Sarah Bishop, Communication Studies,WSAS



  • Jeremy Bertomeu, Accountancy, ZSB
  • Suanna Chugani, Marketing, ZSB
  • Tiffany Lewis, SPA
  • Martina Nguyen, History, WSAS
  • Shadi Shuraida, CIS, WSAS
  • Rebecca Spokony, Natural Sciences,WSAS



  • Ming Deng, Accountancy, ZSB
  • Jian Hua, Economics & Finance, ZSB
  • Hagop Sarkissian, Philosophy, WSAS
  • Weilei Shi, Management, ZSB
  • Kristen Shockley, Psychology, WSAS
  • Chester Zarnoch, Natural Sciences, WSAS


  • Christina Balboa, SPA
  • Sean Crockett, Economics & Finance, ZSB
  • Catherine Good, Psychology, WSAS
  • Edyta Greer, Natural Sciences, WSAS
  • Mahima Hada, Marketing, ZSB
  • Sean O'Toole, English, WSAS


  • James Ely Shipley, English, WSAS
  • Xiaoli Yin, Management, ZSB
  • Yu Yue, Statistics & CIS, ZSB
  • Allison Deutermann, English, WSAS
  • Angela Pinto, Psychology, ZSB
  • Rachel Smith, SPA
  • Don Waisanen, SPA
  • Brian Murphy, History, WSAS
  • Rong Huang, Accountancy, ZSB



  • Els de Graauw, Political Science, WSAS
  • Helene Eisenman, Natural Sciences, WSAS
  • Hyokyoung (Grace) Hong, Statistics & CIS, ZSB
  • Jason Munshi-South, Natural Sciences, WSAS
  • Weilei (Stone) Shi, Management, ZSB
  • Na Yin, Public Affairs, SPA



  • Johanna Fernandez, History, WSAS
  • Andra Ghent, Real Estate, ZSB
  • Edyta Greer, Natural Sciences, WSAS
  • David Gruber, Natural Sciences, WSAS
  • Ke Liang, Sociology & Anthropology, WSAS
  • Gene Park, Political Science, WSAS



  • Timothy Aubry, English, WSAS
  • Hilary Botein, Public Affairs, SPA
  • Charlotte Brooks, History, WSAS
  • Karen Shelby, Fine & Performing Arts, WSAS
  • Gregory Snyder, Sociology & Anthropology, WSAS
  • Ana Valenzuela, Marketing, ZSB
  • Chester Zarnoch, Natural Sciences, WSAS



  • Bin Chen, Public Affairs, SPA
  • Micki Eisenman, Management, ZSB
  • David Hoffman, Public Affairs, SPA
  • Rajarishi Nahata, Economics & Finance, ZSB
  • Robin Root, Sociology & Anthropology, WSAS
  • Valerie Schawaroch, Natural Sciences, WSAS
  • Jun Wang, Economics & Finance, ZSB
  • Elizabeth Wollman, Fine & Performing Arts, WSAS


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Program Contact Information

For more information, please contact:

Office of Sponsored Programs & Research (SPAR)
One Bernard Baruch Way, Box J-1010
137 East 25th Street - 10th Floor
New York, NY 10010
Tel: 646-312-2205
Fax: 646-312-2206

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