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Office of Sponsored Programs and Research.

Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (SPAR)

Proposal Preparation and Submission Page Title

Zolicia Abotsi, Director, ext. 2211

Melisa Mendez, Deputy Director, ext. 2207

Ana C. Alas Iglesias, Sponsored Programs Coordinator, ext. 2209


During the proposal preparation process, SPAR provides the grant applicants with the necessary application forms, verifies submission requirements, provides needed institutional information (i.e., tax exempt letter, tax ID numbers, etc.)

We offer extensive support in the proposal development process in terms of tailoring the proposal to address the guidelines in a sponsor's RFP. To help provide constructive reviews of applications prior to submission, the office will help faculty who seek external funding to identify other experienced faculty members in their fields who have received grant funding previously.

If faculty are developing collaborative proposals, we serve as the central point of contact between collaborators at other institutions, making sure all individual pieces of a proposal come together and meet sponsor space/type specifications.

SPAR can coordinate efforts to secure cost share and matching funds necessary for proposals to meet requirements or to increase competitiveness.

SPAR supplies extensive support in the budget development process. Provide applicants with a budget template spreadsheet that perform all necessary calculations. Also, we can help faculty with their budget justification.

Provides assistance for the faculty with obtaining internal approvals for their proposal before the final proposal is submitted to the sponsor. Once all internal approvals are in place, we will make all required copies and submit the proposal for delivery by deadline.

For the National Science Foundation (NSF), we will electronically submit the proposals via its Fastlane service. For proposals that must be submitted electronically, SPAR can:

    Set investigators up as users of the system.

    Provide investigators with an orientation to the electronic submission system.

    Help input various parts of the proposal into the system.

Last updated: 11/19/2015