Undergraduate Advisement

Comprehensive advisement services are provided to students pursuing the BSPA and the Survey Research Minor. There are two forms of undergraduate support: 1) the BSPA advisor who provides tailored guidance on the public affairs major and survey research minor and 2) the College Academic Advisement Center provides general information about the requirements to complete a bachelor's degree or minor in the College.

Undergraduate advisement at Marxe is collaborative with a personalized focus on students. From the initial step of shaping academic and career goals to selecting the appropriate coursework and internship opportunities and then finally moving to post-graduate fellowships and graduate schools, the BSPA unit is there to help students succeed. Students are assisted with the following:

  • Defining and pursuing educational and career objectives.
  • Understanding and fulfilling the requirements of the curriculum.
  • Connecting with various forms of academic support at the college, including services offered at the Writing Center and Counseling Center.
  • Researching internship and study abroad opportunities.
  • Preparing degree audits prior to graduation.
  • Learning about post-graduate options including law school and graduate programs, applying for special fellowships, such as the New York Urban Fellows or Teach for America, and pursuing employment in government and the nonprofit sector.


To request information about the BSPA or the survey research minor, email mspia.bspa@baruch.cuny.edu. Walk-in advisement sessions are available Monday-Friday from 10:00am to 5:00pm on the 4th floor of 135 E. 22nd Street. Phone: 646-660-6801..

The first step toward pursuing the BSPA degree is to complete a Major Declaration Form [PDF]. This may be done at any point once a Baruch student, however 45 credits must be completed with an overall 2.25 GPA before a student is coded in CUNYfirst.

BSPA Major Requirements:

  • The BSPA requires 120 credits.
  • The completion of 45 credits and a cumulative GPA of 2.25 or greater is necessary to become a BSPA student.
  • A minimum of 30 credits are from the public affairs core and elective curriculum below (each course is 3 credits unless specified).
  • The degree requires the satisfaction of the CUNY Pathways curriculum as designated by Baruch College.
  • A minimum of 57 credits must be designated as liberal arts (several BSPA courses satisfy the liberal arts credit requirement).
  • Pre-Calculus must be completed to satisfy the "Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning" requirement of the Pathways Required Core as a STEM Variant.
  • PAF 1250 or POL 1101 must be completed in the CUNY Pathways Flexible Core or as liberal arts electives.
  • ENG 2150 is a prerequisite for most PAF courses; ECO 1001 is a prerequisite for PAF 3102; either STA 2000 or STA 2100 are a prerequisite for PAF 3401.

Students are encouraged to meet with the BSPA advisor before registering for public affairs courses to ensure that the right sequence of courses are taken with all the required prerequisites.

When meeting with the BSPA advisor, Liting Zhang, come prepared to help facilitate the advisement process. Students should:

  • Become familiar with the degree on the BSPA page.
  • Seek regular advisement, particularly around registration and other academic choice points.
  • Make a list of questions and goals to accomplish before meeting with either the BSPA advisor or a College advisor.
  • Contact the BSPA advisor early when having academic difficulties in a class.