The Austin W. Marxe School of Public and International Affairs' enduring legacy is reflected by the achievements of approximately 8,000 alumni. Graduates have gone on to rewarding careers as leaders and policymakers in education, health, government, nonprofit organizations, and other vital industries. The energy, vision, and commitment of these talented and dedicated individuals pave the roads ahead.

Hear from some of our alumni below.

Executive MPA

"The Executive MPA experience provided me with a strong background in program evaluation, statistics and public and non-profit management, which has made me much more confident when it comes to tackling Community Development strategic planning and examining programmatic best practices for the future."
Kenneth Scott (Executive MPA '15), Operations Analyst, New York City Department of Youth and Community Development

"The challenges ahead will be new for me and will allow me to utilize all that the many lessons I've obtained from my Executive MPA. I am most confident in my abilities and know that all my colleagues from Baruch - fellow classmates from Cohort 28 and my professors - will be there to answer a question or provide me with needed information or just be there to listen. I am part of the Baruch School of Public Affairs family now - there is no greater gift.
Michelle Malanga (Executive MPA '13), Regulatory Coordinator, Center for Lymphoid Malignancies

"I look back on my time at the School of Public Affairs and I know it helped me to become an Empire Fellow in the second largest government within the United States."
Ron Zacchi (Executive MPA '13), Empire State Fellow, NYS Office of Temporary & Disability Assistance

"Without the degree, I would have never been able to step into his very big shoes and take the organization to the next level of growth, not only from the perspective of credentials, but in terms of leadership development, management skills, and technical know-how as well."
Chris Hanway (Executive MPA '13), Executive Director of the Jacob A. Riis Neighborhood Settlement

"The Executive MPA was a tipping point in my career by shaping my understanding of public policy and administration. [It] provided a collaborative learning environment that prepared me for participant engagement, employee interactions, management development, financial awareness, board governance and fundraising."
Charles A. Archer (Executive MPA '11), CEO of The THRIVE Network

"At the Marxe School, I learned how to be a more capable manager, acquired better tools for program planning and evaluation, gained valuable insights about public regulations surrounding nonprofits, and developed my budgeting, marketing, and communications skills. This had an immediate impact on my daily activities at work. An added bonus was the tremendously valuable network of colleagues I acquired—both the people in my own cohort, those in other cohorts, and the professors and practitioners, many of whom have become trusted resources and advisors, as well as good friends. On a professional level, many more doors were open to me after I received my Executive MPA and, within two years of graduation, I moved into a more senior leadership position, directing fundraising activities for a mid-size nonprofit."
Liz Fallon Culp (Executive MPA '12), Development Director, Playwrights Horizons

"The Executive MPA program was extremely beneficial both professionally and personally. It provided the opportunity to develop my management and leadership skills with a breadth of courses that ranged from financial planning, program development, and policy analysis. As an added value, the cohort model was ideal as I was studying with like-minded professionals who also had very specific goals and were focused on succeeding and more importantly helping each other through the program. Today, I continue to stay in contact with most of my classmates from my cohort."
Angela Gonzalez-Perez (Executive MPA '12), Vice President, Operations at NewYork-Presbyterian/Hudson Valley Hospital

"The Executive MPA introduced me to executive level professionals in the public sector who became mentors and connectors to people in fields and organizations I was interested in working within. Their years of experience were invaluable to my professional growth."
Jason Loughran (Executive MPA '16), associate director of special programs & initiatives at the Department of Veteran Services

"My Baruch cohort mates, staff, and faculty encouraged me to continue in the program. The first class education and the personal support from Baruch has led me to want to pay it forward. I have also endowed a scholarship, which brings me such joy and satisfaction. I often say that "I bleed Baruch blue." I love this school. Full stop. Period."
Janet Dewart Bell (Executive MPA '99), communications strategist, management consultant, and author

"The Marxe Executive MPA had what I was looking for and I am grateful for everything I learned from all of the professors and government professionals who instructed me during my years at Baruch."
Maria Osorio (Executive MPA '08), deputy chief operating officer at the Office of Administration at the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development


"Professors are always willing to be a resource and to guide students/alumni through the nonprofit and government industries which will undoubtedly continue to help the School of Public Affairs inspire future change agents."
Farhana Hassan (BSPA '14), Community Liaison, Office of New York State Senator Jose M. Serrano

"My favorite class was Professor Rob Walsh's in economic development. It was in this class that I learned about business improvement districts and how anchor institutions can impact a community. For one of our classes, Rob took us to Union Square, where he explained about the transformation of the neighborhood and his role in its development. I am also thankful that he encouraged me to apply for the Coro Fellowship!"
Martin Schmid (BSPA '16) Fellow in Public Affairs, Coro New York Leadership Center

"When I was accepted into Baruch, I attended the Student Welcome Reception and was immediately sold by the BSPA program’s pitch. The BSPA program offered me a degree that was broad enough to allow me to explore my interests, yet specialized enough to be applicable to real-world challenges and scenarios. The BSPA program has helped me unearth my passion for sustainability and green infrastructure."
Miguelina Portorreal (BSPA '17), Group Sales Representative, New York Botanical Garden

"Absolutely fantastic professors and advisors in the department. I feel like I am learning meaningful things about policy and government institutions that I can put to work in a variety of careers."
Erika Smithson (BSPA '17), Legislative Aide, New York State Senate


"I am extremely appreciative of the Baruch School of Public Affairs and National Urban Fellows experience, the knowledge gained, and the relationships formed."
Madeleine Villanueva (MPA '14), Family Child Care Business Specialist, The Committee for Hispanic Children and Families, Inc.

"My time at Baruch College had a profound impact on my professional and personal life. Each of my courses provided me with a strong academic foundation in public administration. From using various budget tools, to creating logic models or evaluating public policy, the skills I gained from my courses are put to use every day. I was able to gain unique leadership skills, which shaped my approach to successful professional and personal relationship building. After graduating, I entered the workforce as a more dynamic leader with experience in public policy decision-making, prepared to make a difference."
Saira Qureshi (MPA '12), Public Health Advisor/Gender Liaison, Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator/Department of State, Center for Disease Control and Prevention

"CUNY has been critical for my success as an immigrant - especially the School of Public Affairs and Baruch College. In my case, the exposure to professors that have been in politics, not-for-profit organizations, government, and advocacy work really help me to understand the realities of all these areas. The biggest value of all my time at Baruch was the fact that 90% if not 100% of my professors were professionals that were exposed directly to what they were teaching."
John-Moreno Escobar (MPA '14), President, Colombian Education Fund; Executive Director/Founder, Latino Youth for Higher Education Program; Director, Partnership Development, Council for Adult and Experiential Learning

"I am the person that I am today thanks in a big part to CUNY, to Baruch and to the School of Public Affairs! I found my true passion thanks to the School, and for that I am eternally grateful!"
Angelica Martinez (MPA '14), Special Assistant to the Comptroller, City of New York

"Studying at Baruch's School of Public Affairs was an amazing experience. In addition to being a student, I also received graduate assistantships during my entire tenure, which afforded me the opportunity to work as assistant to Dean David Birdsell."
-Diane Hibbert (MPA '07), Department Fund/Project Manager II, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

"I learned so much from the diverse student body at Baruch and their many different opinions and experiences. I continue to be inspired by the dedication that both professors and students showed toward public service and the improvement of our community."
Melissa Rosen (MPA '10), Program Manager at the Jewish Funders Network (JFN)

"The MPA laid the groundwork and foundational knowledge for me to succeed in leadership positions."
Stephanie Roth (MPA '08) Assistant Vice President, Quality of Life Programs at New York City Economic Development Corporation

"The Baruch MPA helped take my career to another level. I gained invaluable insights, developed my network, and it focused me professionally. It specifically helped me gain an intimate understanding of the relationship between the nonprofit, public, and private sectors, and how they must collaborate to ensure a vibrant New York City."
Mauricio Garcia (MPA '11), Deputy Director at Cities of Service

"I learned alongside a cohort of diverse and civic-minded professionals who became like a family to me. Our professors had real-world leadership experience at high levels of local, state, and federal government, and pushed us to develop how we think about big questions of equity, equality, and the common good -- lessons I still use in my work today. There's no question that my education at Baruch fully prepared me to succeed in the job I have now and has laid the groundwork for my future success."
Amar Rajwani (Executive MPA '12), Senior Director of Early Childhood Field Operations at NYC Department of Education

"I truly believe that I am a better leader because of my education at Baruch."
Angela Gustus (MPA '10), Executive Director of Human Services Programs of Carroll County

"This program is wonderful and the faculty is amazing. I had the best time during my MPA, and this program made me realize that nonprofit development is what I want to do. I also met some of the smartest and kindest people there, both students and professors.
I would do it again :)"
Elena Walker (MPA '14, Manager of Individual Giving & Special Events at The New York Foundling)

"My favorite courses were Leadership and Strategy with Professor Douglas Muzzio; Fundraising and Grants with Professor Michael Seltzer; Public/Nonprofit Management with Professor Ryan Smith; and Capstone Seminar, with Professor Neil Sullivan. Their passion for students to learn, expertise in their respective fields and guidance were instrumental in my own passion to learn and excel. Not only have they inspired me but I will always draw from their practical approach to teaching as a model for my future endeavors and challenges in life."
Scott Castillo (MPA '15), Corporate Trust Manager, Bank of New York Mellon

"I've had some of the best professors of my academic career at the Marxe School of Intl. and Public Affairs, mixing real-world experience and classroom learning. Thank you so much Baruch College."
Nicholas Cannell (MPA '16), Project Manager at Hudson River Healthcare

"My MPA has allowed me to grow within the non-profit sector and given me tools to move into leadership roles. Through my MPA I have also extended my professional network which act as both resources and a source of support."
Mery Hackman, (MPA '14), Grant Writer/Project Manager at YAI

"I’ve always been a planner. I think that is what pushed me to get my MPA at Baruch. I wanted to learn how successful organizations operated. Being able to apply the skills I learned during the program (financial management, data analysis, administration) throughout my career in both admin and operations as well as fundraising has been really beneficial. I really appreciated the courses Baruch offered."
Saran Kaba (MPA '09), Operations Specialist at Presidential Innovation Fellows

"The Marxe School is a great bang for your buck. While at the Marxe School, I was able to take classes with great professors with ample experience in their field, and I made friendships with classmates who I admire. The Marxe School attracts a diverse student body from different professional backgrounds and in different stages in their career, and this was definitely an asset I valued in the classroom. Lastly, it’s a great location!"
Jenny Coronel (MPA '16), Excelsior Fellow at the New York State Office for New Americans

"I gained a very robust education in how public organizations work as well as how to effectively engage with agency leadership. It looks different communicating with a commissioner or deputy secretary versus a CEO. The Marxe School helped me to understand how to speak their language and identify what public organization priorities are. I also learned how to drive change in public organizations through policy as well as operational improvements.
The case studies that we had to review and comment on were eye-opening. I have found in my current role drawing back on some of the case studies for baselines data as we look at improving some New York State agencies' public facing processes."
Tahesha Woodson (MPA '13), Deputy Director at New York State Lean

"My MPA from Baruch gave me a very useful set of analytical tools and techniques that I used in NYC government (albeit very briefly) but certainly more extensively in my 25 years working within the Jewish community. Having knowledge of accounting, budgeting, and program design and evaluation was extremely valuable in a not-for-profit setting."
Evan Kent (MPA '84), cantor, prayer leader, educator, and singer

"The MPA program at Baruch was a great experience. I think often students start these sorts of programs with lofty ideas about how policy should be, and Marxe School professors really challenged us to think those ideas through. While I went through the policy analysis track, Baruch made sure I still got enough exposure to nonprofit administration to be able to figure out how to run a successful organization. I also think it was a great asset that not only did many of my professors have real-world experience to share, but many of my classmates were working in relevant jobs while taking classes. They were often able to provide additional real-world examples to supplement in-classroom learning. I'm still learning from my fellow alums. The diversity of lived experience at Baruch is one of its greatest assets."
Benjamin Orr (MPA '08), Executive Director at the Maryland Center on Economic Policy

"The Marxe School provided a foundation that helped me to excel in my career. When I look back over what I have been able to accomplish, I am grateful for the lessons that I was able to use throughout my government career and now as an entrepreneur within the social sector."
Kimberly O'Neil (MPA '00), Founder and Managing Director, Cause Studio

"Excellent program, excellent professors and amazing students!"
Chaththa Lokuge (MPA ‘15)

"The Marxe School ended up being the perfect combination of great professors, convenient location, and affordable enough that, with some additional side jobs, I could pay out of pocket."
Kathryn Howard (MPA '14), director of plan management at the NYC Emergency Management Department

"The Marxe MPA experience helped me in three key ways. The first was quality instruction which allowed me to build skills that were valued in the workforce; the second was the network and strong relationships that I built during my time at the school; the third was clarity around my goals and future career path."
Konstantin Zborovskiy (MPA '16), KPMG US Senior Associate

"I searched around other MPA similar programs and the Marxe School still offered the best education and networking opportunities in terms of gaining real world perspectives."
Kenneth Archibold, (MPA '19), department coordinator for natural resources and climate change at the Ford Foundation

"If you want to live and work in New York City, you cannot beat the network you will become a part of as a Marxe Alumnus."
Jeanette Duffy (MPA '12), chief program officer at Dress for Success

"I really enjoyed my experience in the Marxe School as there were so many opportunities to learn, connect and grow as a leader no matter the track you were in. The professors were amazing and I truly believe I received a top notch education at a great bargain!"
Lakimja Mattocks, (MPA '14), associate director of strategic partnerships and learning at Support Center for Nonprofit Management

"The MPA program at Baruch was extremely valuable in terms of coursework that directly related to the real-world and providing me skills that I still use today. Most importantly, the Marxe MPA made me aware of all the career possibilities that are out there."
Ben Stang (MPA '16), associate program officer at the Helmsley Charitable Trust

"The Marxe School’s instructors remain memorable to me for their diversity and their teaching styles, but also for their belief in excellence."
Nicole Halsey, (MPA '08), director of community affairs and customer relations at the NYC Human Resources Administration

"I really experienced a community of support at Baruch that enriches me professionally, academically, and personally to this day."
Peter Raucci, (MPA '13), national director of graduate and fellowship programs at The Posse Foundation


"Quite simply, I would not have accomplished what I have without my experience at Baruch. I am one of the few dental educators with an advanced degree in education. Baruch's talented faculty and diverse student body allowed me to develop the skills and confidence I needed to excel in my position as a teacher, researcher, and administrator."
Maureen McAndrew (MSEd '05), Senior Director of Professional Development, NYU College of Dentistry

"My education at Baruch has been invaluable. From my professors who were out working in the field and to my amazing classmates I learned as much inside as outside the classroom. Higher education is constantly evolving and I feel equipped with the tools to be innovative and continue advocating for public higher education in this country. I've been introduced to wonderful friends, connections and colleagues via this program."
Wynter Greene (MSEd '12), Senior Academic Advisor, Macaulay Honors College

"I found all of my professors to be intellectually stimulating, engaging, and sincerely caring for their students. I made friends and professional connections, which make me a better and more well-rounded member of society today, and help prepares me for the next phase of my career."
Michael Tanney (MSEd '15), Private Wealth Advisor, Wanderlust Wealth

"I really enjoyed (and enjoy!) my experience at the Marxe School. I found friends in many of my classmates and have kept in touch with several of my instructors as well."
Adrienne Bricker, director at the officer of the registrar at the University of Minnesota