Center for Educational Leadership (CEL)

This Center conducts research on the types of issues and conflicts in today’s educational system that can limit student success. It examines methods to improve student services and educational development through the promotion of research, training, and the development, testing, and delivery of effective practices to improve student success.

The Center's work is grounded in the Scaffolded Apprenticeship Model (SAM) of school improvement through leadership development, which was co-developed by the Austin W. Marxe School of Public and International Affairs' Liz Gewirtzman and Nell Scharff Panero in collaboration with New Visions for Public Schools.

The model—piloted in 2005 and refined based on evidence from formative evaluation and practice-based research over six iterations—forms the basis of Baruch's current school leadership certification program (SAM Citywide) and building- and district-level school improvement initiatives in NYC, Boston, Oakland, and beyond.

Nell Scharff Panero, Director and Assistant Professor

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