center on equality, pluralism and policy

This center offers access to in-depth research on social justice in our society. It examines economic and social inequality at the federal, state and local levels by examining barriers that we face in a racially, ethnically, and culturally-diverse society. As a student of public policy, you are encouraged to submit your ideas and research pertaining to the Center.

The Center encourages and supports scholarly research, conferences, and curriculum projects that:

  • Investigate ways that racial and ethnic conflict over can undermine the capacity of public policy to promote equal opportunity across racial and ethnic lines
  • Explore the contradictions among increased efficiency and access to equal opportunity in public policy implementation with a special emphasis on the role of the public
  • Analyze the ways in which diversity can contribute to increased efficiencies and equity in public service delivery
  • Ensure that diversity-sensitive public policy strengthens civil society, and civil and human rights

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