cuny institute for demographic research (CIDR)

This Institute is the center for demographic research and training at the City University of New York. CIDR’s affiliated faculty come from across Baruch and a number of other CUNY colleges, and support a vibrant graduate program in demographic studies. The research interests of its prominent faculty span a wide range of fields within the discipline – including, aging, biodemography, economic demography, family dynamics, fertility, migration, mortality, spatial demography, and urbanization.

The Institute welcomes interaction with all of the school’s public policy programs, and is pleased to provide demographic expertise to the Austin W. Marxe School of Public and International Affairs – whether in the form of offering research and training opportunities to the School’s students, or developing productive collaboration with the School’s faculty from other disciplines.

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Faculty and Staff

Neil G. Bennett, Professor, Director

Deborah Balk, Professor, Associate Director

James Howell, Computing Director