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Baruch Students Ranked No. 3 in
Institutional Investor
All-America Student
Analyst Competition

NEW YORK, NY- May 5, 2014 – Institutional Investor magazine announced the results of its All-America Student Analyst Competition that pitted undergraduate and graduate students from all over the United States against one another in the hunt for investment returns using a professional-style trading engine.

Baruch College was ranked No. 3 overall with five students who finished in the Top 100. The following Baruch students placed in the Top 100 Overall Ranking: Chuhong Wen (undergraduate), 11th place; Brian McFarlane (undergraduate) 21st Place; Uma Khawar (undergraduate), 39th Place; Heriberto Jr. Romero (undergraduate) 81st Place; and Christina Buchanan (undergraduate) 100th Place. Fordham University was ranked first, with nine students finishing in the Top 100.

In the Short Alpha category, Chuhong Wen finished in 16th place and in the Net Benchmark Outperformance category, he ranked in 4th place.

More than 2,100 students from 81 college and universities participated in the competition, which is supported by ALPHASEAL®, a software platform developed by Stamford, Connecticut-based Mark My Media. The platform measures the daily performance of participants’ portfolios, calculating six investment factors: net benchmark outperformance, volatility, balance sheet impact, net exposure impact, long alpha and short alpha, employing the Russell 3000 Index as its benchmark. Only 345 participants (16 percent) outperformed the Russell 3000 benchmark, which gained around 9.3 percent over the course of the competition.

Students were each given $100,000 in virtual money and directed to follow Regulation T, the Federal Reserve Board rule designating a 50 percent margin requirement on initial stock purchases; failure to do so would lead to disqualification. In addition to the quantitative appraisal, the ALPHASEAL® system allows portfolio managers to log entries into a trade blotter to flesh out their ideas. Trading began on September 3, 2013 and ran through January 31, 2014.




About Baruch College:

Baruch College is a senior college in the City University of New York (CUNY) with a total enrollment of more than 17,000 students, who represent 160 countries and speak more than 100 languages. Ranked among the top 15% of U.S. colleges and the No. 5 public regional university, Baruch College is regularly recognized as among the most ethnically diverse colleges in the country. As a public institution with a tradition of academic excellence, Baruch College offers accessibility and opportunity for students from every corner of New York City and from around the world.  For more about Baruch College, go to


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