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General Contact Information

Main Office:

152 E. 26th street
New York, NY 10010

Phone: (646) 660-6000

Fax: (646) 660-6001


17 Lexington Ave. (23rd St.)
Room 102

Phone: (646) 660-6008


Newman Vertical Campus:

One Bernard Baruch Way
55 Lexington Ave. (24th St.)

Phone: (646) 312-4888


135 E. 22nd St.

Phone: (646) 660-6655


137 E. 22nd St.

Phone: (646) 660-6949


137 E. 25th St.

Phone: (646) 312-2039

151 E. 25th St.

Phone: (646) 312-1500

To report an EMERGENCY on campus, use any campus phone to call 3333 or use your cell phone to call 646-312-3333.

Department of Public Safety

Page title Vision and Goals

Since its inception, the "Campus Security Initiative" has been geared towards serving the campuses of the City University With skilled, educated and highly motivated officers. The "structured" training programs and "on the job" training our officers receive have proven to be important tools necessary to give professional services.

Along with extensive training in "Systems and Procedures" pertaining to Law Enforcement, Fire Safety and First Aid, the need for excellent communication skills cannot be overstated. A strong emphasis will be placed on educating our officers about positive interpersonal communication with our students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Because our constituency is unique, in as much as the educational environment demands a more service-oriented concept, we recognize that typical "Law Enforcement" is only one segment of our duties. We must be willing to offer services not traditionally offered by law enforcement departments in other sectors of society. We must offer services such as escorts, counseling, vehicle assists, notifications and other assists that meet a need or requirement of our campus community.

An important goal is to project the "Service-Role-Concept" of the Public Safety Department and its officers to the Baruch Community We must, as a group, and as individuals remain cognizant of the reason we are here. It's all about THE STUDENTS. It's all about doing what we can, to assist them in successfully attaining their goal-- completing their college education and proudly receiving their degree.