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Strategic Planning

Strategic Plan 2013-18

This ambitious plan built on the College's successes from the years prior and focused on developing a new way of working at Baruch. It envisioned an environment that was more collaborative, data-driven, communicative, and goal-oriented. The College invested in the academic and career success of students, while recruiting and retaining a first-class faculty that brought the fruits of the latest research and knowledge to the classroom. The plan also articulated the College's goal to become more internationalized, and it sought to expand course offerings in digital and hybrid delivery formats, allowing us to reach new audiences, provide additional convenience for students who either work part- or full-time, and to take advantage of new developments in instruction.

Strategic Plan 2013-18

1. Enrich and Expand Academic Programs
2. Enhance the Academic and Co-Curricular Experience
3. Deepen Engagement with the World Outside the Campus
4. Establish Effective College-Wide Coordination and Collaboration
5. Strengthen Financial Foundation and Infrastructure

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