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About Us

Welcome to the Division of Student Affairs website at Baruch College!

Our division is a vibrant organization made up of several co-curricular programs and services. Our work is multifaceted and at times complex, yet engaging and lively in nature – all aimed to maximize student success. In addition, we partner with faculty and other college administrators to facilitate learning and integrate curricular and co-curricular activities. In so doing, we create a nurturing, learner-centered campus community. Our talented professional and para-professional staff members within the division are committed to student advocacy, building of respectful and inclusive communities, promoting responsible citizenship, and advancing student learning and holistic development. As student-centered practitioners, our priority is to enhance the educational experience of our Bearcats and prepare them for a lifetime of success and fulfillment!

Our Mission

The Division of Student Affairs exists to complement and support the academic mission of Baruch College. In so doing, the Division creates innovative and engaging initiatives to supplement classroom learning, connect students to real world experiences, and promote their interpersonal, social, cultural, and emotional growth.

Our Vision

Through our program and service delivery and student affairs practice, students who take advantage of our offerings will become engaged citizens and social change leaders. They will be prepared to effectively lead, influence, and contribute to the myriad of work place settings they encounter. In essence, we aspire to be leaders and innovators in creating activities that intellectually challenge, engage, and empower students to make a difference in the diverse local and global communities in which they live.

Our Standards of Service

We value and are committed to:

  • Academic Excellence – we expect nothing but the best of our students. As such, we envision all students achieving excellence through honesty and demonstrated academic integrity. We challenge students to live up to the institution’s high academic standards.
  • Inclusion – we value inclusive excellence, respect human dignity, and appreciate the individual differences each person brings to the learning experience at Baruch. In striving for a just community, we will help students cultivate a broader worldview and gain new perspectives, while they live and work within and across our diverse, complex global society.
  • Integrity – we will be transparent in our interactions and support. This requires us to be true to ourselves and those we serve; we will uphold our highest professional principles and model ethical conduct, honesty, trustworthiness, and accountability in our program offerings.
  • Leadership – we will lead with personal integrity and develop student leaders who are ready to challenge the world and make a difference in the lives of those they encounter.
  • Learning – we will provide a helping and caring community of learners, whereby all students thrive in a supportive, scholastic setting. We will further strive to help students graduate as life-long learners adequately prepared to make a difference.
  • Safety – we will create a culture of responsibility for each other’s safety.  If we see something, we will say something.  Additionally, we will consistently develop and deliver initiatives geared toward our college family’s  emotional and physical wellbeing.

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