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Division of Student Affairs



This committee serves as a support and advisory group to the Vice President for Student Affairs and provides input and recommendations regarding divisional priorities, operations, vision, direction, and leadership.

SALT members:

Art King
Justyna Socha
Annie Virkus-Estrada
Brandy Peer
Joy Allison
Vice President & Dean of Students, Chair
Director, Resource Management
Associate Dean of Students
Associate Director, Community Standards
Associate Director, Health & Wellness
Lorraine Mondesir Director, Early Learning Center
Heather MacCulloch
Erin Pomykala
Director, Athletics & Recreation
Associate Director, Athletics & Recreation
Ellen Stein
Ingrid Tineo
Director, Starr Career Development Center
Deputy Director, Starr Career Development Center
Teresa Hurst
Lynn Kaplan
Director, Counseling Center
Associate Director, Counseling Center
Patricia Fleming
Lillian Shmulevich
Director, Student Disability Services
Associate Director, Student Disability Services
Damali Smith Tolson
Daniel Schwartz
Director, Student Life 
Associate Director, Student Life



This council exists to create a common understanding of the culture and excellence of the Student Affairs profession and to promote division-wide professional development opportunities that actively engage staff members, better prepare employees to effectively service students, and enhance their personal and professional growth and success as staff members at Baruch. The goals of the council are to:

  • Design and provide settings to share resources and increase communication and collaboration
  • Create programs to enhance customer service and staff morale
  • Promote innovative programs that highlight current trends and best practices
  • Create social opportunities to build and enhance community within the Division
  • Design, promote, and maintain a staff recognition program

Professional Development Council members:

Ellen Stein Starr Career Development Center, Chair
Amanda DeLaCruz Athletics & Recreation
Amanda Pryor Office of the Dean of Students
Ricki Weitzen Starr Career Development Center
Kevin Taylor New Student & Family Programs
Ronald Bissessar Student Disability Services
Jael Amador Counseling Center
Talia Gurstel Student Life
Lorraine Mondesir Early Learning Center



This committee provides awareness and prevention education focused on topics such as sexual harassment, sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking. In so doing, the committee will make recommendation to the Vice President by executing the following:

  • Develop student based educational programs on topics not limited to bystander intervention, risk reduction, prevention, how to help a friend, substance abuse, and gender based interpersonal violence
  • Coordinate primary prevention education delivered to new students through student orientation programs, the Freshman Seminar, and other campus-wide initiatives
  • Design and disseminate educational resources and materials to the campus community via print and website regarding the captioned topics to include on and off-campus resources available to survivors and others needing assistance

Sexual Harassment & Assault Prevention Committee members:

Brandy Peer Office of the Dean of Students, Co-Chair
Joy Allison Health & Wellness, Co-Chair
Adia Tucker Starr Career Development Center
Olivia Colbert Athletics & Recreation
Crystal Tejada Student Life
Sydacia Bunbury Disability Services
Kristy Perez SEEK Program
Lynn Kaplan Counseling Center



The A-Team’s purpose is to establish a standard and consistent assessment of programs and services across the Division and to coordinate actionable data on the co-curricular experiences of our students. The A-Team will:

  • Facilitate the development and assessment of learning outcomes for programs
  • Assess how students are benefiting and learning from our activities
  • Provide information for planning and decision-making
  • Develop data-sharing strategies across the division and with other university entities
  • Develop quality assurance measures for programs and services
  • Support Baruch’s accreditation and data reporting needs
  • Serve as a liaison between departments and CampusLabs

A-Team members:

Annie Virkus-Estrada Office of the Dean of Students, Chair
Heather MacCulloch Athletics & Recreation
Dima Kamenshchik Athletics & Recreation
Patricia Fleming Student Disability Services
Elizabeth Ruggieri Counseling Center
Teresa Hurst Counseling Center
Gerald Tang Starr Career Development Center
Ellen Stein Starr Career Development Center
Kevin Taylor New Student & Family Programs
Joy Allison Health & Wellness
Damali Smith Tolson Student Life



Website Redesign Task Force members:

Traci Espinet Student Life, Chair
John Neves Athletics & Recreation
Patricia Morel Early Learning Center
Ron Bissessar Student Disability Services
Mihai Vladu Starr Career Development Center
Elizabeth Ruggieri Counseling Center
Lynn Kaplan Counseling Center
José Arias Student Affairs