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At Baruch College, we value learning through experience as a significant part of your college education. A combination of academic curriculum with meaningful service on campus and in the broader community gives you a competitive edge and chance to demonstrate your effectiveness as an individual.  It demonstrates that you possess the characteristics necessary for civic, professional and team leadership. We call it "Active Citizenship."

The resources on this website present opportunities for you to participate in Active Citizenship at Baruch and in the larger community.


Active Citizenship is working to positively influence your community. An active citizen understands his/her obligations as a member of that community and improves it through volunteerism and humanitarianism. He or she receives personal fulfillment from citizenship pursuits and service.


In addition to its academic mission, Baruch College seeks to encourage participation through community service both on- and off-campus. The College believes that you learn from community service and strives to integrate public service into the lives of students, faculty, staff and alumni.


There are many ways to participate in Active Citizenship. At Baruch, we have organized opportunities into three areas:

Academic Citizenship: Active Citizenship mostly takes place in the classroom and through academics. Some examples include participation in the Student Peer Tutoring Program, Student Ethics Board, Supplemental Education assignments, and internships within your academic major.

Baruch Community Citizenship: Active Citizenship in the college community is extra-curricular. Choose membership from over 170 student clubs and organization, or run for office as a member of the government or help out with alumni initiatives. If you have a flare for writing, become a reporter for The Ticker or, if you love music, join the Baruch radio station team at WBMB. This is only a sampling of opportunities for Active Citizenship within the Baruch Community.

City Citizenship: Baruch students gain valuable Active Citizenship experience with outside organizations. Explore a list of resources that include the larger community and the world beyond. The City provides a wealth of opportunities for connecting what you learn on campus with the world beyond the classroom.


Active Citzienship offers you the chance to

  • test new skills and develop leadership abilities
  • meet people who may help you in your career and your life
  • directly empower others through your own activities
  • influence the way Baruch and the community grow and change
  • integrate what you learn in the classroom with what is happening outside it
  • experience the great satisfaction of volunteerism and "giving back"
  • explore possible careers before you start working
  • build a network of new friends who will enrich your college and post-college life


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