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Health Services


  1. Is the Health Center open on the weekends?

The Baruch College Student Health Care Center is not open on the weekends. However we do have extended hours on Mondays and Thursdays 10am to 7pm, and our regular hours are Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9am to 5pm, but Fridays are shortened hours (9am-3pm).

  1. What type of services does the Health Center offer?

The Health Care Center offers primary care services such as cold/cough/flu relief, treating sprains and strains, administering vaccinations, STI/HIV testing, gynecological care and physical exams.

  1. Does the Health Center offer the flu vaccine?

The Health Care Center is usually able to provide a limited number of free and/or reduced cost flu vaccines. Please call the Health Center for more information at (646) 312-2040.

  1. Does the Health Center distribute free medications?

The Health Care Center distributes free medications for basic aches and pains, fever, minor abrasions, and allergies. The Health Center does not provide medicine for cough and colds or for seasonal allergies.

  1. Can the Physician Assistant on staff give me a prescription for birth control and other drugs?

Yes. We have a Physician Assistant on staff who is qualified to give prescriptions for birth control and other drugs after meeting with and screening a student. The physician assistant cannot write prescriptions for psychiatric medicine. For more information visit or contact, Baruch College Counseling Center, which is conveniently housed in the same building. The address is 137 East 25th Street (Annex building) 9th floor. All student information is kept confidential.

  1. Does the Health Center offer counseling? If not where can I go?

Students are welcomed to talk to the Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant if they suspect their physical illness is stress related, they are highly encouraged to visit the Baruch College Counseling Center, which is conveniently housed in the same building. The address is 137 East 25th Street (Annex building), 9th Floor. All student information is kept confidential.

  1. Is there a charge for an initial screening?

There is no charge for any registered Baruch College student who visits the Health Center. If it is determined that you need to have a special screening done or any blood work performed, students will have to pay for these services all of which are offered at a special reduced price!

  1. Do you take credit cards for payments?

The Baruch College Student Health Care Center accepts cash, debit or credit cards (excluding American Express and Discover) as payment for services. The Health Care Center does not accept checks!

  1. Is there a doctor or Physician Assistant on the premises during all opening hours?

Yes. There is always a Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, or Doctor at the Health Center during all regular AND extended hours.

  1. Does the Health Center administer pregnancy tests?

Yes. The Health Care Center administers pregnancy tests for those students who are interested in using that service. Basic pregnancy tests (urine) are performed free of charge.

  1. Do you offer medical insurance?

No. The Health Care Center routinely has a representative on campus from an insurance company and a Health Care Navigator who can help register students for insurance. International students can also register through these agents or if not qualified, apply for insurance through ISO (flyers available at the Health Center).

  1. Is there a lactation room?

Yes. The lactation room is available to all Baruch College students and staff during clinic hours. Mondays and Thursdays (10am-7pm), Tuesdays and Wednesdays (9am -5pm), and Fridays (9am-3pm—shortened hours).

  1. Can I transfer prescriptions to the Health Care Center for pick up?

The Baruch College Student Health Care Center is not a pharmacy. It cannot transfer prescriptions from any pharmacy. The physician assistant can either write a prescription to give to the student or call and dictate the prescription to the pharmacist located at any of the pharmacies nearby the college campus or else located in New York State.

  1. I currently have a prescription my out of state Primary Care Physician wrote. I live out of state and am an enrolled student at Baruch College. Can the physician assistant call or write to me the prescription for me to fill at a nearby pharmacy?

If a Baruch College Student coming from another country or out of state is registered to take classes at this campus and has a chronic medical condition that warrants daily or routine use of prescription medicine, that student should make it possible to carry enough supply for that semester before they return to their provider out of state or to their respective country. Only under emergency circumstances (student ran out of supply, will see provider in 1-2 weeks, and is dependent on medication for survival) the physician assistant can prescribe a 2-week refill of a chronic medication (that is not psychiatric nor narcotic) with permission of the medical director/supervisor made aware of the need for refill medication for that student.
If that Baruch College student needs even more supply of medications, the Health center will provide means of referring that student to a provider or specialist in New York City who can continue that care.

  1. If a student currently has a prescription not written by the Health Care Center clinician, can the Health Care Center clinician assist with the prescription being transferred to a pharmacy of their choice or close to Baruch College?

Any Baruch College student with medications written by another provider and needing more that can be sent to any pharmacy in New York City or of their choice within New York State, will be given a referral to a doctor (insured and uninsured students alike) of the same specialty as the original provider so that they can get more prescriptions sent to a pharmacy of their choice in New York State.