Courses in the Department of Sociology & Anthropology introduce students to a range of issues and perspectives essential to developing critical analyses of contemporary world events. This includes how individuals, people in families, large and small groups, and entire cultures live, think, and interact. Introductory courses offer a broad overview of the complexity of world cultures and American society. Advanced courses provide an in-depth focus on particular world areas, social institutions, and significant social trends.

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Student Spotlight:

Patrycja Koszykowska
Valedictorian, Baruch College, B.A., Class of '18
University of Cambridge, MPhil, Class of '19



"One of my personal goals has long been to expand my empathetic thinking and global perspective.  Anthropology and ethnographic studies continue to provide me with tools to analyze and understand the lived realities of others from an empathetic and open viewpoint.  The skill set  that I have acquired through my studies in Baruch’s Department of Sociology & Anthropology  regularly shape my opinion and behavior in the corporate world, in academic pursuits, and in everyday life.  Most importantly, the theory and applications of anthropology have empowered my sense of curiosity, empathy, and cultural understanding --and I’m forever grateful for this timeless gift." 



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