Whether it's in a great work of literature, a legal document, or a well-written article, language is one of the most powerful tools at the disposal of educated people. At Baruch, the discipline of English helps students unlock this potential through the study of a broad range of fields that includes literature, creative writing, literacy and rhetorical studies, linguistics, cultural inquiry, and film.

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Spring 2019 Upper-Division Courses

Small class size at all levels of the program allows you to participate fully and receive thorough feedback on your written work.

Archived Addison Gayle Memorial Lectures.

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With advanced training in English long recognized as a strong preparation for careers in business, law, medicine, teaching, and all varieties of writing, this course of study is universally recognized as an ideal "pre-professional major"— one that opens career possibilities in legal, educational, publishing, public relations, and community service fields, as well as providing thorough preparation for graduate study in PhD, MBA, and JD programs. Our program develops analytical thinking, research, and communication skills in addition to providing a firm grounding in the significant texts of an increasingly globalized culture.

Our large, dynamic, and distinguished faculty makes us one of the strongest and most diverse departments on campus. Within the University, English faculty have received the full range of individual awards for excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service. English Department faculty members have also won major external prizes, fellowships, and awards.

We welcome your interest and invite you to explore the many possibilities and opportunities that await students within the Department of English. 


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