Effective spring 2011, all Literature in Translation (LTT) courses have been changed to Comparative Literature (CMP).

The Tier II Humanities’ Literature requirement is 3 credits, and the choices are as follows:

CMP/ENG 2800 Great Works of Literature I
CMP/ENG 2850 Great Works of Literature II


The study of divergent modes of expression and cultures serves to broaden students' perspectives and deepen both personal and worldly understanding. Language students not only develop an oral and written command of the studied language but also gain a comprehensive knowledge of the civilizations and cultures where the language is spoken. Because the study of foreign languages and literature is the foundation for critical thinking and communication, the study of modern languages and comparative literature prepares students for success on many levels.

Feit Spotlights Cuban Women Writers

Students studying another language learn by comparison about the structures and syntax of their native language. This has been proven to develop students' native language communication skills. In addition, our foreign literature and culture courses introduce students to diversity of thought and experience, teaching them how to synthesize and analyze literary texts and socio-cultural documents. In the process students gain perspective and judgment about their own culture.

Our department believes the study of modern languages and their comparative literature components are essential parts of success in contemporary society. The experienced and diverse mentors of our faculty help native and non-native students access other cultures and gain essential communication skills in targeted languages. And we define success not only in the ability to speak, read, and write the language of another culture, but also in the intellectual development of the whole individual.

Women's History Month Spring 2016

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Spanish Majors

The Department is pleased to offer a new minor in Spanish-English translation. Click here to see translation work done by students in the Spring 2011 translation seminar which has been published on the blog of the New York Review of Books.

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