The study of psychology familiarizes students with the scientific study of mind and behavior. The discipline relies on methods ranging from simple observation to rigorous experimentation. Its subjects include how we develop and learn, how our actions are motivated, how we perceive the world around us, how we respond to it intellectually and emotionally, and how these processes change throughout life and are integrated into the personality under social influences. The Psychology department offers courses that apply psychology to a variety of practical settings, including the workplace, clinical, legal, and school environments.

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BA Psychology Major Information

BA Psychology Major Form

BBA in I/O Psych Major Information

Psychology Minor Information

Students interested in a Psych Major or Minor must visit the Department of Psychology to meet with an advisor to discuss the Major and Minor requirements and review your class options. Come visit us in Room 8-215 to plan your major classes and complete the Psychology Major Form with an advisor.

Interesting in joining Psi Chi, the international honors society for undergradate and graduate students in Psychology? Click here for information.

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