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As a minor -- effective Spring 2012

Translation is the language of global communication, whether the text to be translated is a company's year-end report, an ad campaign, a politician's speech, a poem, or a novel. The interdisciplinary Minor in Spanish-English Translation, suitable for both Arts and Sciences and Business majors, allows students with good skills in English and Spanish to perfect their knowledge of both languages and gain the ability to produce fluent, accurate, and effective translations between them. The minor is open to all students who have successfully completed a 4000-level Literature or Culture and Civilization course in Spanish. To complete the minor, students must take three courses: SPA 4003, Spanish-English Translation Workshop; the capstone, SPA 4004, Seminar in Translation: Spanish-English; and one 3000 or 4000-level course from the list of approved electives offered by the Departments of English, Communication Studies, or Modern Languages and Comparative Literature.

Program Prerequisite:

Any 4000-level course in Literature or Culture and Civilization offered by the MLCL Department's Spanish program.

Required Courses:

Capstone Course:

SPA 4004: Seminar in Translation: Spanish-English



SPA 4003: Translation Workshop: Spanish to English


Choose one of the following courses:

COM 3069 Intercultural Communication

ENG 3680 Advanced Essay Writing: Style and Styles in Prose

ENG/COM 3700 Introduction to Linguistics and Language Learning

ENG/COM 3750 The Structure and History of English

ENG/COM 4015 Globalization of English

ENG 4030 Stylistics

SPA 4011 Structures of Modern Spanish

SPA 4013 Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics

SPA 4014 Hispanic Bilingualism

SPA 4015 History of the Spanish Language

SPA 4501-2 Spanish for Global Markets I or II


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