Jewish Studies

The Jewish Studies Program offers an interdisciplinary approach to the academic study of the American, and more specifically, the New York Jewish experience. Courses offered through the program and cross-listed with a range of departments are open to all students, and address the historical, social, cultural, religious and political life of American Jewry from the turn of the nineteenth-century through recent times.


Required Course
JWS 4900 - Topics in Jewish Studies: New York and the Jewish Experience

Choose two of the following courses:

  • ANT 3153 Urban Anthropology
  • ANT/SOC 3085 Special Topics in Anthropology/Sociology *
  • ANT/SOC/REL 4050 Religious Worlds of New York
  • ENG 3032 Ethnic Literature *
  • ENG 3940 Topics in Film *
  • ENG 4550 Jewish-American Literature
  • HEB 3311 History (Ancient) of the Jewish People as Reflected in Literature
  • HEB 3312 History (Medieval/Modern) of the Jewish People as Reflected in Literature
  • HIS/POL/REL 3008 Religion and Politics in the United States
  • HIS 3460 Topics in American History *
  • HIS 3472 American Urban History
  • HIS 3550 The Immigrant in American History
  • HIS 3551 History of the People of the City of New York
  • HIS 3560 History of the Jewish People in America
  • REL 3002 The Traditions of Judaism
  • REL 3525 The Hebrew Bible
  • REL 3220 Modern Jewish Thought

* Students may use this course if the topic is relevant to the minor. Please consult the Director of the Jewish Studies Program for permission.

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