Law and Policy

Department of Law

As a Minor

Business must operate within domestic and international legal frameworks, and there are few decisions of import that do not carry significant legal risks. As a result, an understanding of basic law is vital. The study of law also develops students' critical thinking, analytical, and negotiation skills -- all of which are essential for successful careers.

The Tier III Minor in Law and Policy offers a variety of cutting-edge law courses designed to augment and complement the various major fields of study at Baruch. Students should choose two courses from the following list:

  • BLS/SOC 3014 Civil Rights Legislation and Litigation
  • JRN 3220 Media Ethics
  • ENV 3005 Economic and Legal Aspects of Ecology
  • HIS/POL 3005 Social Welfare Policy
  • HIS/POL/REL 3008 Religion & Politics in the U.S.
  • HIS 3650 History of Women in America
  • HIS 3060 African American History
  • PHI 3020 Philosophy of Law
  • PHI 3260 Crime and Punishment
  • POL 3313 Constitutional Law
  • POL 3314 Civil Liberties
  • POL 3422 Urban Public Policy
  • PSY 3069 Psychology and the Law
  • SOC 3154 Crime and Justice in Sociological Perspective
  • LAW 3122 Law and Environment*
  • LAW 3400 Law, Business, and Sustainability*

*For the purposes of this program, this course counts as an Arts and Sciences course.  

Students should also choose one of the following:

  • LAW 4900 Law, Public Policy and Legal Theory
  • LAW 4905 U.S. Immigration Law and Policy
  • LAW 4906 Women, Law, and Policy


Professor Matthew Edwards, 646-312-3580

The City University of New York