Department of Sociology and Anthropology

As an Ad Hoc Major

Students who are interested in the study of anthropology can incorporate courses of interest into an ad hoc major. It is recommended that students make an appointment with a faculty advisor to discuss this option.

The behavioral science of anthropology helps students develop an appreciation and understanding of the countless complex structures and processes that characterize life in social groups. Cultural anthropology, which is stressed at Weissman, broadly explores complex modern and ancient Western and non-Western institutions, societies, and societal change. Anthropology studies human societies and cultures from a comparative perspective that emphasizes the diversity of human behavior and the significance of culture in explaining that diversity.

As a Minor

Anthropology courses may be included in a Tier III minor. Select two courses at a 3000-level and one capstone at a 4000-level. A faculty advisor will assist a student in selecting appropriate courses.

Anthropology 1001 or Sociology 1005 is required as a prerequisite for most upper level courses.

For more information, check the current Student Bulletin.


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